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Credit to White Wolf

Bloodsucking corpses returned from the grave to feast on the blood of the living. Monsters dammed to hell who avoid their punishment through life unlawfully stolen. Erotic predators who take their sustenance from innocent, struggling --- or, perhaps, willing? --- men and women.

All lies I am sure. Your sire has told you each what we are and what you fledglings shall become. I am sure that by now at your presentation to me that you know all the laws about kine, and kindred, fledglings and elders, elysium and war, werewolves and the prince. My good, dear guests, in this city, MY city, things are very different indeed. This is Chicago. I call it home. If you wish to do the same you will obey my laws without question.

After Lodin's death I took this place over. Whereas he tolerated a huge anarch presence I do not. MY city is now solidly Camarilla, and it will stay that way. In this city are 17 scourges one of which the enmatic Shade Ka'Tar is my trusted associate and ally. He was the thin, wiry man who escorted you in tonight. Bother my scourges at your own peril. I harbor no fugitives here and I will not hesitate to call a blood hunt.

Besides this I have a few ground rules:

  1. This city, it's policing force, art galleries, and media servants are my domain. Any kindred found altering my domain in anyway shall instantly become a victim of a blood hunt.
  2. The barrens for kindred are the abandoned south side warehouses and all graveyards throughout the city.
  3. The nightclubs, particularly a new one called "the Drink" are known areas compromising the rack in this city. Dine there but do not leave any evidence as such. I do not care where you feed to suppress your beast only that you cover it up.
  4. Nosferatu are a walking breach of the Masquerade. As such they will be given only one mistake. Any sewer rat causing a problem more than once shall be slaughtered as a victim of a blood hunt.
  5. Caitiff are free to live here as long as they watch themselves and do not cause problems.
  6. In reference to thin-bloods. I do not care if they reside in my domain as long as they follow my decrees.
  7. In reference to the traitors known as the Sabbat, all known or suspected members of that accursed group will be a victim of a blood hunt.

Now that you fledglings have heard my demands.... off with you I have better things to do with this night.

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