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Age: 34

Apparent Age: 21

Height: 5’7”

Hair: black

Eyes: dark blue

Weight: 115lbs

Location: Gurnee, but now Chicago

Blood Type: “O” negative

My name’s Faythe Hyatt. I was born on May 18, 1969. My father was Evan Chase Hyatt, and my mother was Raven Morris. I was conceived prior to their marriage. Not like it matter to me any, I had no control over their sex organs. We lived in Gurnee. I remember it like it was just yesterday. The white paint chipping off the sides of the house, the decorative green shudders that always look new, and the rows of daisies that greet you when you’d walk down the sidewalk to the front door.

I lived in that house till I was 17. My parents had had enough of me by then, plus I was getting sick of them as well. Maybe it was because they had to go for teacher conferences, or maybe it was all the sneaking around that I did late at night. “It’s not normal for a girl your age to be out all hours of the night,” my mother would say. I didn’t care. Life is one big party, and everyone’s here for me and only me. I mean…why should I do when I can get some dumb ass to do it for me?

As for school, I guess you can say that I don’t play well with others. Heh. I was always getting into fights, even though I did pay attention in school…because “an education is needed in this world” (quote from my dad). I was a party animal. If something was going on, I was there. No matter what it took. I’ve even slipped some sleeping pills into my parents’ drinks one night just so they would go the fuck to sleep. Morons.

By the time I moved out, I had graduated from high school and had a steady job at the hospital. From there, I made my way towards a better education at the College of Last Chance…CLC if that’s too hard to figure out. I was having a grand ole time balancing school, work, and my party life. Life was grand. I had met a few people that I guess I can call friends, but they’re more intriguing acquaintances in my opinion. One of them was a quiet girl that I had seen around the college by the name of Nora Cross. She always seemed to hang around this foolish looking moron that would always fawn over her, but of course…in the typical soap opera fashion…she couldn’t see it. The other is an old buddy of mine that would always go out partying with the group. He had this thing for me, and it was a scream to tease him half to death. He was a part time DJ at various clubs that caught his eye. His name was Kristian Rice. His spin name was DJ Krist; I always got a kick out of that. He’s a great dancer, and a looker for most.

When I turned 20, I got the pleasure of meeting my best friend at a nightclub in Chicago called “The Drink” (which happens to be my favorite). He was a rather handsome looking fellow that looked to be in his late 20’s. His name was Daemon Klas. He took a liking to me at first glance, and we made it a tradition to meet up at the clubs. Daemon tried his damnedest to get his dick in my pants, but I wouldn’t let him. You always want them to keep pawing for more, if you know what I mean? Daemon always made it his business to take care of me and make sure everything would go all right for me. He would make nightly visits to my house in Gurnee and give me lavish gifts every once in a while. But it was all in fun.

For my 21st birthday, the whole gang decided to cheer for me…especially Daemon. He said he had a surprise for me that I would never forget. He’d requested that I wear a certain dress that he picked just for me for this day. It was only part of the gift that was to come.

We all met at the nightclub, DJ Krist was making his mark on the speakers…announcing my birthday to the crowd. I was gonna kill him for that later. Daemon was wearing a Victorian looking suit, just like the one from Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”…top hat and all. I suppose it went well with my get up that he had me sportin’ around. I was wearing a blood red satin dress with a very low back and a scooping v-neck in the front, the guys were rather happy. Daemon had this big grin on his face like the wrong head was doing the thinking. He motioned for me to join him at his table, so I made my way to his booth…forcing my way through the crowd.

He stood up when I reached the table and bent down to place a gentle kiss on my hand. I was astonished. “Why’d you want me to wear this get up in the first place,” I said to him. He smirked, “ah, you don’t like it? I thought it was rather fitting for this type of occasion, besides…you’re the loveliest lady here and you should show it.” “You know damn fucking well that I’m not a lady Daemon. You’re lucky I couldn’t find anything else to wear, otherwise I wouldn’t be wearing this,” I replied.

“Faythe, come now. It’s your birthday. I have a gift for you, but that’ll come later on in the evening. For now, enjoy yourself…and let’s go dance,” he grinned. His eyes had this glint to them I’ve never seen before. To this day, I still remember them. We danced for hours upon hours. The night seemed like it was never going to end. Little did I know how true that was going to be.

From time to time we would wander over to the table and chat every so often. Daemon had bought me a drink…red wine I believe. He made sure that I drank it all before going back on the dance floor. It was amusing. I got the feeling that his intentions were to get me drunk so that he could finally have me. The surprising thing was, the alcohol wasn’t affecting me at all.

The night partied on…dancing, then wine, then dancing again. When it had turned midnight, Daemon pulled me aside to his table once more to talk to me. “So, have you enjoyed your birthday?” I looked at him with a slight grin, “you should know…I’ve been laughing and dancing with you all night.” The glint in his eyes returned and he smiled, “Would you like your gift now?” “Sure…it’s only midnight…so it’s not belated,” I chuckled.

He asked me to close my eyes; otherwise I’d be cheating. So I did. The rest I can’t remember. It’s all a blur to me now. All I can remember now is the glint in his eyes, and the rush of pure ecstasy running through my veins. Daemon brought me to his place afterwards, so that I could rest there until woke up. That night, I died…and was born again into the World of Darkness.

My life took a huge leap after that night. I was a child of the night. Unfortunately for Daemon, I didn’t take well to the embrace. I was different. I didn’t react to it like the rest of the bloodsuckers out there. The hunger didn’t burn inside me. I was stronger than the rest. I tested that theory when I slammed a guy into a brick wall and also smashed his head open. In return, I got to meet a bunch of morons who decided to pick on a bartender, who was a ghoul, at the club I was at. But the damn guy didn’t do anything to them. So what does one of the morons do? He blows up an entire block just to try and kill the bartender. Fortunately, the bartender didn’t die because I got to show off one of my new disciplines.

Speaking of which, yes…I don’t know the same damn thing that the rest of the vampires do. I guess that makes me special. Daemon’s deemed my “kind” a vampile. He’s rather intrigued on how I’ve turned out, plus it helps that I seem to surprise him with something new every so often. When I was turned into what I am now, I took up the name Syn because I was told that it’s best that no one knows whom you really are. So far I’ve proven that the name Syn is quite fitting. I’ve also put that name on my license plates…rather amusing ones I might add. Heh.

I’ve adjusted to my nightlife very well. It didn’t take much considering I enjoyed the nighttime anyways. It suits me well. I can mingle with the humans like no tomorrow, and feeding isn’t too hard for me considering I got lots of blood stashed away in the fridge. I mean…who’d miss a little blood at the hospital? No one.

The most intriguing ability, in Daemon’s opinion, is the fact I’m immune to fire. I had the privilege of finding that out at a bonfire party. God damn fucking kids. One of the drunken stoners knocked me over into the flames cause he couldn’t see where the hell he was going. But it was nice to see the looks on their faces when I stood up in the middle of the fiery flames glaring at them and completely naked. Course, none of them know about it now…and the ones who do…they were dealt with accordingly. There’s no end to what I’m capable of, and I happen to like it that way. It keeps people on their toes and gets them out of my fucking face.

Throughout my undead life, I’ve gotten to run into some rather interesting groups of people. Some vamps, ghouls, and….a new group that’s joined into the mix. Apparently now humans can see us. The monsters they call us. They call themselves “Hunters”. I got the joy of hanging out with a group of them. I wanted to see what they were actually capable of, so that I could inform Daemon of this new predicament. Even though they claimed to see all the monsters of this world, they couldn’t see who I really was. Though I did manage to run into one guy who claimed that my eyes said something was wrong with me, but he couldn’t figure out what. They all just thought I was another version of them, and I was just more comfortable with hunting out at night.

With this new information, Daemon was not pleased. He wanted to know more. He wanted them tested. The typical Tremere habits taking into effect, they always wanted to know more about the usual. So he had me stay with them, and have them make a sanctuary in my own home. When the time came, he introduced himself to the group. I had them eating out of the palms of my hands. They were afraid of me, but couldn’t help to stay with me. One of them even decided he wanted a little swordplay practice inside my home, so he asked me for a weapon. I gave him one of Daemon’s swords that are meant for only vampires to wield. In return, he took some terrifying leaps to having to drink blood all the time because the sword bonded to him. Daemon was amused, but not concerned for he told me that the sword with come back to him eventually…but for now, let’s see if it would kill the hunter in the process.

In 2002, Daemon had his sights set on getting a hold of Chicago. The one domain he’d been waiting to get his grasp on from the former Prince. Finally, he got his wish. Lodin was attacked by werewolves and was killed, leaving the throne up for grabs. Daemon took his seat on the throne, and made sure to keep me along with him. I was moved into an apartment in Chicago, which is where I reside now. Along with this I was given the Tremere Primogen position in his court. Unfortunately, his damn Harpy decided to snoop around and figure out that I’m not actually a Tremere. Go figure right? So what does he do? He runs straight to Daemon and opens up his big fat mouth. I figure that he’s gotta be a pile of ash somewhere in a dumpster in Chicago. I don’t really care. He should have known better than to go up to my sire and tell him that. As for the rest of the measly Primogen, I have no fucking clue where they and nor do I fucking care.

Things were going great in Chicago. Daemon set up the court inside of the Sears Tower. The top three floors were demolished and combined to make a nightclub. Go figure right? It’s a nice little hang out in-between affairs. Plus, we get the bonus of our offices being right in the same building. So after work you just take the elevator upstairs and go get smashed, not like we do…but it’s a nice thought. I’ve had the privilege of seeing a couple of orgies up there too. Heh. There’s some kinky shit that goes on when you become one of us…trust me on this.

Speaking of which, I’m sure the question of whether Daemon and I have been intimate before has come up in that puny little brain of yours huh? Well…the answer is yes. It took Daemon a damn long time to get me to take it into consideration. I don’t give in easily, because the teasing is more pleasurable for me than that. It was a long night, and both of us were really tired. I think we slept for two nights straight before we were fully recovered. Heh. Let’s just say he had a lot of tension built up.

Nightly tasks were given to me on a daily basis. One night I was given the task of going out and killing one of Daemon’s little mishaps….a gargoyle. He was his bodyguard and mine. Apparently he didn’t listen when Daemon told him to leave, and he decided to stay in Chicago. I ended up running into him one night while I was on my way back to my apartment. Needless to say, I didn’t kill the bastard because I could find him quite useful when I need it. He listens to me, and that’s always a good thing.

Chicago is a nice town. I guess you can say it’s grown on me. I spend some of my nights dancing at “The Drink” and others doing whatever else happens to come to mind. Besides, every girl needs a playground…and their own play toy. Care to make an offer? If not, get the fuck out of my face.

Anyways…time past in Chicago, and Daemon started to get a bigger and better grip on this fair city. Some of the Primogen were getting a little concerned on Daemon’s welfare, while I on the other hand, had a feeling what was going on. Some ran off when the Prince declared war on Milwaukee. His idea was to combine both domains and make them one. I, of course, wasn’t there to see history in the making. Daemon sent me off to San Francisco, California while the war was going on. When I came back, all hell had broken loose. Daemon’s changed. He’s no longer the man I knew. He’s hungry, and not for food…but power. His charge on Milwaukee failed, when the lupine attacked and pushed him back to Chicago. Daemon’s becoming so paranoid, that it’s ridiculous. He’s so worried that he’s gonna lose Chicago, but he doesn’t see that not a damn fool in the whole fucking world of darkness is gonna go against him. All I can do is try to pry open those fucking eyeballs of his and make him see it…otherwise, the whole city of Chicago is doomed.

While I was in San Francisco, I ran into a pack. Yes, I said a pack. But this wasn’t just a pack of lupines. Oh no…it was a very unusual pack…fucked up is more like it. The leader was a lupine, of course, who went by the name of Wave Walker. What the fuck kinda name is that? Anyways, so he tells me he knows Daemon and shit like that. He thinks he can give me a hard time. So he asks for a deal. He wanted me to give his pack protection to travel through Chicago. In the end, the got wasted…but that’s beside the point. It wasn’t my fault exactly, I did ask Daemon as I promised.

The other pack members consisted of a cat, (get this) an alligator, a shark, and (if I recall correctly) a snake. Who ever knew that they came in all shapes and sizes? Next thing you’ll know, we’ll have insects. (mockingly)“Watch out guys…those shape shifting mosquitoes can be killer…” How stupid can ya get?

The nightlife in San Francisco was interesting. Being that I was in a different domain, I had to find the “big man in charge”. Surprisingly, it was a woman. A shit load of anarchs had taken over the place. She of course gave me hospitality and told me to enjoy the party. There were a bunch of various different groupies there. I spotted a few salubri, some camarilla wannabes, a shit for brains brujah, and some other people. It was an interesting bash. Anarchs are not the best playmates, but when you’re fresh out of the good ones…ya gotta settle for what’s served.

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